Stylish through the cold season? Not so simple at all. Because thanks to cold, snow and freezing wind, we have the same coat now daily. Our site looked at the street pros shows how you style your old coat with simple tricks – new.

The winter also can be so beautiful, fashionable seen he is a disaster. Because we wear warm now somehow always the same wool coat – main thing when these icy temperatures! Refined styling details stay on the track. It’s pretty dull.

But it’s different! Our site will show you how you make 10 simple styling tricks for fashionable bright spots: so coat is simple you to the extraordinary trend piece!

1. trick with a belt

Everyone has a belt at home. Simply bind to the coat – finished! Another advantage of this styling trick: the waist is emphasised. Even a burschikoser oversize coat seems equally much more feminine. Just narrow leather cords are particularly said, as she wears designer Alessandra Faja

2. buckle to a mini bag

A shoulder bag as a styling trend? Yes! Due to the small size, the Pocket namely resembles a piece of jewelry, so the bag can be quiet tiny. Who wears muted colors, should always wear a brightly coloured bag van Dinther (26, “This is Jane Wayne”) such as the Berlin blogger Nike, otherwise the trend has no effect. It fits in the bags in? Never mind, you take Additionally a second, large bag. To carry many different bags, eh just trend is

3. get out your old summer coat

Have you stored your colorful or patterned summer coat in the basement? Then dig it now already out! Wear, the thinner model of the summer as artist Alena Gaponova, under their thick wool coat. Soon works sombre winter outfit much friendlier! The coat should be of course open. Who freezes attracts Additionally a thin down jacket

4. put on layered look

Our BlogStars blogger Sofia gray (32, “she comes in colors”) relies on the casual layered look in the Berlin winter: a short coat is drawn over a long Cardigan – practically as the Popo is not cold guarantees also. Always pay attention to the proportions. They’re not very big, the sweater should be maximum knee-length

5. place on layered look – but in reverse order

Also stylist and street style icon Clara Racz (34) prefers the layer-look – but vice versa. That is, that it attracts the coat first and also only a short jacket. This look guaranteed not only keep you warm, but is also pretty cool! The jacket should be further cut so looks the look not to wurstig or larger than the coat fall at least one number

6. roll up your sleeves

Simple, but effective: The coat sleeves roll up and show how our BlogStars blogger storm Walter (25, “The Adorable Two”) the oversize shirt or sweater sleeve. This styling trick looks great especially with a different coat lining. Then the sleeve must also not quite so high be turned

7. go the coat collar

Cheaper Matt? By due! New, cool fake fur labels such as shrimp have thoroughly dusted off the former cheap image of the faux fur collar. More and more fashionistas like Monica Almada now carry the colorful and flashy fake-fur collar as a sound replacement. So the black sheath guarantees not more bleak works!

8. put on Schalkrawatten

A tiny accessories can change a complete look. The look of Bloggerin Amélie Gumez only thanks to the thin silk scarves seems totally serious! The coat should be worn of course open. Who freezes at the neck, is a tight-fitting Turtleneck

9. wear Turtleneck instead of scarf

The jacket-scarf combo is a popular winter look – and so boring, because they really all wear. Slip it into a colorful Turtleneck in. He warms the neck as well and also as a special collar, like a high Mandarin collar, is good. Especially nice: If the Turtleneck Sweater colour matches with an other part of the outfit. Fashion designer vanilla of Verloes are the color of Rollis and Pocket

10. bring glamour into everyday life in

The Russian Haute Couture Desginerin Ulyana Sergeenko (34) makes an absolute statement piece from each yet so simple basic coat. Namely, instead of a wool scarf, she wears a feather BOA. Pretty awesome, but effective. So the look doesn’t not look like Carnival, the other outfit should hold their color