Even the coldest winter days are tame and melt if cuddly wool in the game – if they treat their woollen clothes with care. Because for cashmere, Merino and co. is: less is more! Our site reveals the sins of care for their wool.

1 . wash too frequently
Clothing from wool must not wear socks and T-Shirts like underwear, after each in the washing machine. On the contrary! Wool is a natural product and the great property has to clean himself and to bind odours. So enough air after application completely. Now in the winter also hang over night in the frosty open. Small prefer locally treat stains, dirt and lint with a soft clothes brush brush out. Theoretically, a Wool Sweater must never see the washing machine drum. Wash only, if there is not other way. If you use the washing machine, select the wool wash cycle and the lowest level of spin. In the hand washing make sure not to rub the pieces, because that encourages the formation of nodules.

Chiara Ferragni in a wool dream of Delpozo. Bet, which is never washed in the machine, so that he remains so dreamy

  1. the wrong detergent
    You can use hair shampoo in hand washing. Special Kashmir shampoos are not a requirement. Washing expert Thomas Meyer of Capellen, Professor of textile technology at the fashion school “AMD” in Hamburg says the best way: “knitted fabrics can be washed wool or blends by hand with lukewarm water, light movement, with wool or liquid multi colored detergent. After washing the humidity only gently press out, roll it in a towel and continue to press and necessarily lying dry. Then using steam and ironing cloth. Looks like new!” If you spill himself even with gravy, wine or similar, try not just to remove the stain by rubbing. The matted fibres. Prefer the good play to the professional, talk in the cleaning!

3 no moth protection the little beasts know what tastes good: moths love wool. Distribute anti-store in her wardrobe. Neem and lavandin oil which plug into various scent bags and dispensers are suitable and free from chemicals. If you like the scent, can combat moths with Grandma’s home remedies such as Lavender bag, Cedar hangers, or cloves. They do not like too cold: if it’s chilly enough, simply hang the sweater in the open, while he is also equally well ventilated (see point 1).

  1. incorrect storage
    Please never hang wool sweater for a long time on ironing. That wear out. Store always lying in the wardrobe. When it is time to mothball the winter wardrobe, put away your wool pieces clean and vacuum packed in suitable plastic bags.
  2. poor quality

Cashmere Wool is more expensive usually also great. A cashmere sweater in a good quality you want need to invest around 200 euros. Tip: invest now in the winter sale at a reduced, more formerly expensive piece. Kashmir is now also available for a smaller purse. Against scarves, hats and gloves for less than a hundred euros is nothing to object. There’s also a sweater in this price range, however they are less dense Cashmere Wool less durable knitted and accordingly and stay not so well in shape.

Extra tip: If your cashmere sweater is not as soft as in the beginning put the damp garment in a plastic bag in the freezer for an hour. After lying to dry.