Agadir, Morocco

Agadir, Morocco

According to, Agadir (“white city”, translated from Berber as “fortified attic”) is a beach holiday center on the Atlantic coast and the most popular resort in Morocco. People come here to enjoy the sun, swim, surf, play golf, ride horses, visit thalasso centers. In general, lead a hedonistic lifestyle.

It is easy to confuse Agadir with some Mediterranean European town: women do not cover their faces, and most passers-by on the streets are dressed in European style. Here is the best beach on the entire Atlantic coast of Morocco (the length of the beach strip is 6 km). The weather is comfortable almost all year round (more than 300 sunny days a year). Agadir is also an exceptionally convenient place to start excursion programs, especially in the south of Morocco.

How to get to Agadir

Al Massira Airport is located 28 km south of the city. The bus service between Agadir and the airport is not very convenient (you need to change in the nearby town of Inzegan), so it is better to use buses serving large hotels. Or take a taxi, which will cost 200 MAD. The road from the airport takes 20-30 minutes.

The local bus company CTM operates flights to Agadir from Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat and Essaouira.


The main attraction of Agadir from the point of view of a tourist is its beach, which stretches along the entire city to the delight of lazy beachgoers and muscular surfers. These are several kilometers of golden sand, on which the sparkling waves of the Atlantic break.

  • Map of Agadir

Agadir Hotels

More than 40 hotels have been built in the resort area near Agadir, including establishments of well-known world chains: Atlantic, Sofitel, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Medclub, etc. The condition of hotels, service and maintenance are at the European level. There are practically no hotels directly on the coast, in addition, a significant part of the hotels are located on the second line.

Tourists with a modest income can be advised at an affordable four-star complex “Caribbean Village”.

Cuisine and restaurants

The resort has a huge selection of seafood: freshly caught sardines, perch, tuna, shrimps, lobsters and crayfish, squid, lobsters, etc. In any restaurant they are grilled with lemon or tangerine. Alcohol is sold everywhere and quite inexpensively.

4 things to do in Agadir

  1. First of all, go to the beach of golden sand – the main “vacation” wealth of Agadir.
  2. Take a serene evening stroll along the picturesque Mohammed V Boulevard.
  3. It is not bad to have fun in the very high-quality nightclubs of the resort.
  4. Go on a tour of the amazing south of Morocco.

Entertainment and attractions of Agadir

In the center of the city – Mohammed V and Hassan II Boulevard, Bird Valley Park, General Kettani, Mohammed VI, Muley Abdellah and Mokhtar Soussi Avenues, Salam Square, Hope Square and the Lubnan Mosque (Lebanon).

Sailing, surfing, pedal boats, scooters, fishing, horse and camel rides, dune walks.

Sports equipment rental costs about 140 MAD per hour. Large hotels have their own rental offices, as well as organize excursions, walks and fishing (in particular for sharks). The most famous nightclubs are Atlas Club at the Sheraton 5 * hotel, Papagayo at the Tikida Beach 4 * hotel, Biblos at the Dunes D’Or hotel, Jimmy’s at the LTI Al Medina Palace 5 * hotel, Paradesco at the Argana hotel, the popular Flamingo disco at the Agadir hotel Beach Club 4*+.

Windsurfing in Agadir

A true paradise for swimmers and surfers alike. There are excellent conditions for water sports. In May there are water skiing and surfing tournaments.

Weather in Agadir

The air temperature even in December does not fall below +18…+22 °C. In summer, thanks to the cool current, there is no sweltering heat here – the average temperature is +28…+30 °C. Water warms up to +18…+21 °C.

Agadir, Morocco

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