Amy Adams is not too well known, has echo some comedies romanticonas, as the day of the wedding, along with the great, and also redhead, Debra Messing, or enchanted, which was Cinderella, and Patrick Dempsey, Prince charming, but very few people know that he has been a candidate for an Oscar, was in 2005, by Junebug, and snatched it is not less beautiful Rachel Weisz for the constant gardener.

Despite having face of girl, He was born in 1974 in Italy, I mean that has already Thirty-four years, It remains wonderfully, because it could well happen for ten less; in the red carpet does not usually highlight, either for good or for evil, but if something is their election, they are rather pulling to right; in fact, in the this years Oscar ceremony turned out one of the most elegant with an emerald green dress signed by Proenza Schouler He highlighted the most eyes;

in another completely different log we see her at a party hosted by the magazine Vanity Fair in Los Angeles, a look spectacular and risky, Louis Vuitton resort 2009, that I personally love, which comes to add to the list of celebrities having “monkey”.