An Ode to the Craft. Or: Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012

I remember how much I have complained about the upcoming collection of Mr. Marc Jacobs. And not much on my mind has changed basically also. Again watching through the Lookbookbilder but it struck me that good can be something from each another strange thing – at least a little inspiration. It is finally clear that the small, very likeable Mr like wearing lace dresses, has an obvious penchant for magic. Hats, shoes and clothes are to be (at least in our reality) no doubt considered tribute to herb kitchens and magic wands.

I have a and where I so or so at it was just my youth again to revive, but actually a little odd outfits fancy – in the style of my favorite witches. The witches of Eastwick have given me many beautiful tea hours before the boob, she don’t became fashion icons at the end but still. It was rather Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle, who led me a few years ago to buy Voodoo books and strange Klimbim – the suitable clothing could obviously also not missed. “Craft”, or “the craft” the devil remains to this day of one of my favorite movies, white why. But this funky, dark coolness of the 90s glamour me today.

Marc Jacobs images via wearefreshfish.

All least I imagine when looking at Marc Jacobs creations the question: we want to look really like? (Claire had written a wonderful post this already). I can answer this question with a clear no. Kinda not. Hats (except fur) hold while this strange mixture between nostalgia and avant-garde, but the jinxed College-look of witch Club-girls can be just a little more practical to carry through the streets.