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Angola Food

Dried fish as a specialty?

The influence of the former colonial rulers, the Portuguese, can still be felt when eating. People like to cook spicy stews that simmer for a long time.

Even the cod, a popular dish of the Portuguese is processed in Angola delicious recipes. Stockfish are dried fish that are preserved for a long time through a specific drying process.

Typical dish

A traditional dish in Angola is called Funje. This is a porridge made from cornmeal that is served as a simple side dish with almost all dishes. Often there are also beans or other vegetables. You can also serve a meat sauce with it. Another popular dish is chicken muamba. The chicken here is prepared with a lot of garlic, and it is usually served with rice.

Since many coconut palms grow in Angola, there are delicious desserts made from coconut. This includes, for example, the coconut pudding. Cocada Amarela is the name of the sweet dessert here. You can cook it too! There is a great recipe for it on Hanisauland.

Fish, cassava and peanuts

Angola is on the coast, so there is a lot of fish and seafood to eat in the coastal regions.

Cassava is also popular. This is a type of root that originally came from South America, but was also introduced to Africa and other countries from there. The most important ingredients in Angola’s cuisine are poultry, fish, seafood, cassava, and tropical fruits.

Angolans also like to use peanuts in their sauces. Roasted peanuts can often be found here.

What to drink

In Angola, people like to drink a drink made from fermented corn. Palm wine is also very popular. Since the Angolans also make a lot of coffee, coffee is also a popular drink, but not for children.

Angola Food

Music and play

What do children like to play in Angola?

Soccer is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sports in Angola. And the Angola soccer team has been quite successful, which many people are proud of. In 2006, the Angola national team qualified for a World Cup for the first time. Angola was once a Portuguese colony and the enthusiasm for football stems from this time. The Portuguese brought their favorite sport with them to the country. In 2010 the Africa Cup, also a competition that is particularly important for Africa, took place in Angola.

A popular game in Angola that girls in particular play is called Nganke. The name is not that easy to pronounce. You can read exactly how this works on Zzebra.

What is Kizomba?

When Kizomba is a popular and famous music and the same dance style in Angola. Here African influences mix with those from Europe. The result is pretty exciting. This way of making music and dancing has been around since the 80s and 90s of the last century. By the way, Kizomba is a term from the local Bantu language Kimbundu and means festival, game and entertainment.

Hip hop

You probably know hip-hop music too. In Angola this is a very popular music that young people, but also younger children, like to listen to. But this is usually only possible in the cities, because only here is there electricity to connect a CD player or to surf the Internet. In the country, the children usually have no electricity, so they cannot listen to music. Or they have to make music themselves.

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