Auction of Shoes Stuart Weitzman against Ovarian Cancer

As every year, and it will seven, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman it performed a charity auction to help in the fight against ovarian cancer. Numerous actresses and also some actor decorate shoes in a very original way, because how can see in pictures, the shoes are authentic works of art. What do you think?

On their website you can see all the designs and their prices. You have them all kinds, grass, carved in buttons or Leopard, and all prices. For example, the of Sharon Stone they are valued at $400 and is among the most expensive gold model of Vanessa Williams, with a price of $675. But all automobiles seem to me to be spectacular and all for a good cause.

If you urge for some, you have until October 4 to participate and who know that the collection will be for the Folkman of Boston Institute.


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