Desses for Breastfeeding Mothers

Days ago I accompanied a friend of shopping in search of a dress that would be comfortable to breastfeed your baby that had just been born. The basic requirement was to have a front opening large enough to open it and be able to breast-feed the baby without undressing in public.

We discussed about the cubrelactancia, but it is true that in summer it can be a little hot. The issue is that thanks to this friend occurred that could be useful to moms who are breastfeeding to know Some brands of special clothing for breastfeeding.

Then I present some.

Mamisetta is one of the best-known firms has started making t-shirts in cotton and has extended its line also dresses and underwear. They have a wide assortment of models of t-shirts based on two systems: an opening below the chest to lift the upper part of the shirt either a cross opening.

Demama is one of my favorite companies by the quality of their designs. Are cotton without buttons or ornaments that could harm a baby.

They are also based on two opening systems to have a quick and easy access to the chest even with one hand. It has no shop, so I recommend you visit the website to find the nearest sale points.

Another firm with very nice clothes is the English Mamaway whose items you can buy online and apply for an international shipping.

Has a collection especially attractive spring-summer designs such as the tunic striped that we see in the photo that opens the post or the silk shirt we see below.

English (with shipments abroad) are also the signature Frugi organic cotton designs. It has a few really precious dresses as the model Diva dress which you can see in the picture below.

It has a discreet opening in the front so women can go to fashion without resigning dress with style by the fact to be breastfeeding.