“She was too small, too thin and too funny” and it became an icon of the rebellious 6os years and blew up the conventions: Twiggy. Back out the holiday you annoyed again, which is a or others missed, because the documentary “Twiggy, the face of the 60s” twinkled yesterday evening in the latest series of Arte “summer of rebels” on the focusing screen. Those who missed the round 50minutes of time travel by Philip Priestley however as well as I do, which must be not sad, because as always shows the dearest culture channel about 7 days in the stream and further two times especially for night owls, the portrait of a woman, that just makes a whole era.

Lesly Hornby aka Twiggy is, and remains a cult: the famous Pixie haircut, Googly eyes, dramatic lashes, an Ultrashort mini and her insanely Petite figure that missed it your cute-sounding nickname (“twig” branch refers to be thinner), became not only the style of an entire generation, but also a rebellious antithesis of the otherwise usual dimensions for mannequin and embodies freedom in a time of social change.

The 16 year old girl from the London working class district was different, was not classified in a common field, but moved through their own thing. Overnight, Lesly Lawson was as it is today, to international stardom, the muse and the face of an entire generation. A two-page spread in the daily Express, the Twiggy to the “face of 66” explained, was sufficient to make it famous over night: she coined the image of women and the style of the time.

Already six years later was was with her modeling career – from own pieces and certainly to their rebellious manner to underpin further – and yet her haircut and her sugary defining expression remains us still in memory. A living icon, we once more must know the documentation by Philip Priestley, which can be a bit reminisce about their lives with about 62 years and takes us on a little trip. “Archive pictures, photos, and a soundtrack with hits of the 1960s show the groundbreaking upheavals of the time in fashion of terms of, consumption and creativity, their effects in part still today tangible are” this documentary sounds not only instructive and promising, but above all entertaining and vividly.

“Summer of rebels” shows yet until September 2, still today wonderful styles bring great personalities that defined a whole era and us.
Following data must necessarily be included in the TV calendar:

who are still for the beautiful interested Lesley, who finds her in the jury of “America’s next top model”.