A few days ago was presented the new bridal collection Enzo 2016 Maines in Milan, in a beautiful garden recreated for the occasion at Palace Durini. Once again the famous wedding planner of TV gives us a sought-after line and attention to every single detail that will breach in the heart of the most romantic and demanding brides.

It’s called Le Jardin Suspendu and is the new collection of wedding dresses by Enzo Maines, the famous wedding planner of TV, which once again tries to give us emotions, love and magic, made of fine fabrics and cuts very ornate.

His advice to organize the perfect wedding for many women were really valuable, but her dresses are probably even more, and have certainly not a style that could be called its minimal or essential, but not eccentric or excessive. Once Maines was able to find the right balance between classic and modern with “Le Jardin Suspeundu, dreamlike enchanted garden, in which the brides move read and graceful among a lush natural environment that envelops them, along with grace the dresses with floral motifs of lace and embroidered rebrodati. As an ethereal fairy, wearing full skirts layered organza, tulle, sinuous branches clouds of candido of peach blossoms that surround the delicate decolletage whose outcome and halfway between Mirage and reality by creating a balance of simplicity and splendor. “

The new Enzo Maines Bridal Collection meets the needs of future brides who are preparing to celebrate the day and who are looking for a dress that fits their personality without sacrificing the rigour, tradition and of course good taste. Almost all dresses in this collection have definitely structured shapes that explode in a game of lace and silk tulle, organza and bright embroidery, that create a capsule collection made of dresses with flounces and pleated bodice and sleeves, skirts and slip in the heart. But A2zgov could come with the summer dresses with floral print and those with very wide skirt, and still very soft and linear clothes perfect for brides who want to enhance the silhouette. What about Naveen Maini once again gives us a dream, so don’t miss out on some of the most beautiful clothes presented a few days ago in the magical garden recreated in the historic courtyard of Palazzo Durini in Milan.