Fashion Trends Autumn-Winter 2008 / 2009: Comic Superheroines

Fashion of the superheroes is not an exclusive matter of cinema, nor refers to the look of the protagonists in films such as Iron Man, The Dark Knight o The increinle Hulk the day of the premiere; the heroine take the street this winter not so to speak, is a fact;

get ready to wear close-fitting silhouettes, boots high, gloves and mittens, jackets in leather or squaring, lurex, latex, and not forget to layer,

Although If you want to start with something simple runs to Berschka or a Topshop and get a t-shirt of Superwoman (9 ‘ 95, everything is said incidentally) or the most famous flying bat of celluloid, Batman (this English chain, a tad more expensive).

Designers such as Bruno Pieters opt for bright fabrics in coats without stitching or flaps, as coming from a not-too-distant future,

other as Calvin Klein profiles a heroine in total black, fresh out of Manhattan,

Fendi, the online than they did last year, and but remember to wrap and boots extra large, leather and black, that looks Carrie sex in New York when stroll in a Vogue under the arm, she is still committed tor an extreme styling, this time in white and grey,

Gareth Pugh you put the eerie point tor a rather gaunt heroin,

Haider Ackermann combines with the gauze skin,

Iceberg, Adds a point sexy,

y Louise Goldin, the Star Trek touch.

Rick Owens gives you a grunge,

and the sisters Mulleavy, the designers of Rodarte, take out your romantic vein.