Who is the reader of the blog or follow me by instagram, you know that I love to visit shops and fairs around the world to see what’s going on more legal when the subject is the male universe. Nor in China could be different, and I have many cool tips to share. Among them, the best store for men Shanghai with regard to workwear, boots, and denim. The Frank’s Store works with numerous brands that you hardly see outside of Japan, in addition to the brands denim the most admired in the world.

Frank’s Store – Workwear and Vintage in Shanghai

The Frank’s Store is located in the French Concession, Julu Road. This “neighborhood” was one of the largest enclaves of europeans in the city since the 19th century until shortly before the Second World War. Rich families european have created an oasis of art deco in the heart of Shanghai. The region is now full of shops, galleries and restaurants. It is as well pleasant for you to hit the foot, blend in to the locals, and discover a newness in every corner.

The coolest thing in the shops that work with the rescue of the classic down to the smallest detail, is to buy as if it were a car or antique clock. Every detail and story is very important to the value. While the giant gringo walking, the team struggled to explain in English, because each product was special. They talked about the details of each one, and gave more luck with the mandarin, thanks to my host and translator, Pam.

Some of the brands that you find there are Porter Classic, The Few, Cushman, Black Sign, Jelado, Haversack, Wesco, Flat Head, Sugar Cane, Studio d’artisan, Pherrows, Buzz Rickson, and more. Sure, nothing is cheap, but it is the best quality in the world. They suffer a little with import duties, but enjoy! Hardly find these products in other stores. Worth does not accept international credit card (a lot of stuff works on the basis of Wechat). To buy, have cash.

I show here some of the details and pieces that caught my attention…

– The antiques mixed with the new one (with the guy of old),

– The touch of heavy fabrics (including a bomber jacket made of Beach Cloth),

– The amount of boots (including ” Black Sign, a brand which I had never seen live).

That the vintage is very cool I always say that, and we already know, but it is always a joy to see these things up close, and a bit of sadness to realize how we are far.

The way is to admire. For that, enjoy the photos and keep an eye on tips to instagram that I’m going to start the give here. If you have the opportunity to get in a store once, touch, try, listen, and notice the details. Choose the one that most caught our attention and invest. These classics will be with you for life, has a footprint truly retro that gives you another charm, and an aging that only time features, in addition to being pieces much more unique.

The “wall” denim, with many… many brands of jeans. In this photo, the one that most strikes me is the texture of the pants and Sugar Cane. Notice the jeans with a yellow label on the pocket. It is made with denim that blends cotton and sugar cane.

Many Engineer Boots and also belts of leather work, leather carving, and seams manual….

A lot of work on leather also. Wallets and accessories with silver and footprint western, the indians and the cowboys.

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