Increasingly, roles within the world of fashion are more blurred. Already you are not only model, designer or stylist, you now have to cultivate many more facets better. Thus we have seen designers who dabble in actors (Hello Marc Jacobs) or models and stylists who pretend to be designers. This is the case for Giovanna Battaglia who has designed a cover for mobile that is sold exclusively at Yoox next Case Scenario.

The case of Giovanna is not the most evident, finally and after all is only a cover of mobile, but the last of how the fashion insiders get to design garments or even whole collections, Thanks to the popularity it gained in recent years with the phenomenon of street style. An example? Taylot Tomasi-Hill and her collection for Lane Crowford.

The Holster for Iphone 5 It is available in three colours, silver, pink and black and costs 25 euros.

Taking advantage of the launch of the cover for the mobile, Yoox has made a short interview to Giovanna in which he speaks of his Vice with Instagram or treasures that has found and added to your closet.