Guinea-Bissau’s Political System

Following the constitution of 1984, last revised in 1999, Guinea-Bissau is a democratic and presidential republic. The Legislative Authority has added a national assembly, Assembléia Nacional Popular, with 100 members (reduced from 150 in the 2004 elections), elected in the general election for four years. Executive power is added to a president, elected in the general election (in two rounds if no candidate gets an absolute majority in the first place) for five years. The president can be re-elected once. He appoints the Prime Minister and the Government following consultations with the party leaders in the National Assembly.

Guinea-Bissau President


Administratively, Guinea-Bissau is divided into nine regions, including the capital.

The judiciary

The judiciary is headed by a Supreme Court of nine judges; nine regional appeals courts and 24 local courts of first instance.

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