Sensuality style symbol on female dressing and at the same time with a touch of seriousness, tight skirt is a wild piece to get in the closet of women with various body types and age. Each new fashion season it is more firm in women’s wardrobe and allows as many combinations, it is worth investing in more than one color or detail in print. But for a play to be successful, even knowing how to use it is very important.

How to Wear Tight Skirts

The coolest of skirts is its mix of sensuality seriously. It is a middle ground between an elegant executive and a secretary sexy, standing on the list of favorite pieces of men for companions of clothing. For those who want to make the most part we have some good tips to follow.


It is right in the butt? – Before watching the front, the back would be the most important. Turn back and take a few steps and see if it’s comfortable to look or not press too much the butt. Sensuality is nice, but when it gets just too much and your ass is starting, it is not suitable for a corporate environment and is not a comfortable model look, especially if you use size G.

Nothing to split the belly – unfortunately it is not a democratic piece. The piece must not break or culottes nor the stomach to the middle, and then need to seek an appropriate size for your body and never just too much at the waist. You must have at least the comfort of a finger at the waist (stick a finger inside the skirt and see if it goes in and out with ease) to stay cool.

Length – there are those who love the short skirts, but just short skirts are out of fashion. Stay with elegant social and visual behavior at least these next seasons to get off at the knee just below. It may be a little higher, but not much more than that.

Transparency is not ideal – if skirts have a very short part with lining, a tip is to use a skin color petticoat as a stand. It looks like a piece of older people, but cannot even see if it is shorter than your clothes today and also has the advantage of being comfortable and not deprive movements. Besides not being elegant, all see the color of your lingerie and sometimes even the format. Lightweight fabrics also ask for a short fair to avoid embarrassment.

The ideal ratio – fans of the vintage fashion love blouse inside the skirt, but this combination is right for tall women because it reduces the length of the body. The perfect combination of skirt and blouse also influences the ideal proportion of their look, so choose well. The remaining fair blouse with tight skirt makes you too thin, a tip for those with a few extra kilos but not very nice for those who use PP and is too high. Blouse with skirt is nice to increase the proportion and let the look more comfortable.

The shoes – no flat sandals if not well – crafted. A little heel, no matter how small, is your best option for a comfortable and stylish investment for day to day. The higher the heel should be used for more social event. The piece is not indicated with round toe sneakers and doll style shoe. It does not fit very well, it is not elegant.

Colors – plain, printed, whatever. The tip is to use a color skirt and a neutral piece on top, never both prints together.