The expectation aroused by John Galliano every year in the week of fashion in Paris always is very high. Everyone wanted to see what new idea has decided to confront the Gibraltarian fashion designer, will be like the image of his next wife, and what are your favorite trends. Unfortunately, on this last occasion the expectation has been given by the unfortunate events of the past few days and his subsequent dismissal of Dior.

In this way, the collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 John Galliano safe that it will have been the most watched and anticipated in recent years. The venue chosen for their public presentation was an exclusive Avenue Foch Paris salon. An intimate context in which Galliano deployed all their weapons: the fashion, the art, his talent.

The last spring-summer 2011 John Galliano took us to an East of dream and instead this time has chosen a very distinguished, elegant woman with references to the Decade of the 30 and women like Marlene Dietrich’s inspiration.

This translates into magnificent long dresses where Galliano shows his class. Printed dresses mixed with other designs of romantic Court that committed by whites between folds.

Alongside these, the sobriety of the night with the elegant Black in dresses puff sleeves and skirts of hairs with opening in back.

The ladylike style He returned to retrieve one of its designers with sets where returns to feel the British-inspired in the resource of the tweed and the mixture of grays and blacks.

Geometric blouses where he would stop all color.

Or apply skin to convert white coats in authentic special designs. A collection of Galliano, amazing and beautiful.

John Galliano Fall Winter 2011 Final Walkthrough (YouTube)

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