Kate by Kate Moss Sees The Light in Marrakech

Perhaps he chose a place a little away from London to forget once and for all of Pete Doherty and his bad times, but it seems that the model I enjoy as a dwarf the launch of her new fragrance altogether with Coty simply titled Kate by Kate Moss.

“The great big party organized for the release was full of color and beauty, since not only celebrating the birth of”Kate”, but that Coty and the model met six years of society”.

Check out the video that they discover some surprises, as for example for me is the first time I hear the voice of Kate, which imagined a completely different. And his description of what inspired her in creating the fragrance also had its charm: “try to encompass all I felt about being female and a bit of rock, a little living in the limit and some light and some dark”. I.e. the perfect duality.

Get ready because the fragrance goes on sale in September for Europe and the next year in the United States.