A while ago we’ve seen as Leighton Meester It is becoming a mix between Blake Lively, his necklines of vertigo with cortisimas skirts, and Taylor Momsen, with his touch rocker. Already commented them is in a post long ago and his answers were direct to the point: too much makeup.

Apparently, the Meester has very well read the criticisms and you have taken them constructively or simply changed style Advisor forgetting the excess of blusher, eyeliner to the Amy Winehouse and too lit lips. The Immaculate face girl has returned to showing good skin that has and that with little Rouge are accomplished wonders.

And thus found the perfect balance between its style more preppy to the Blair Waldorf and his own personality in the real world with a sensual touch. Leighton attended the opening of a new club in Miami with a charming transparencies in black and nude dress. “Circles” who gave the design body covered and left certain things to the imagination, while the shorter skirt front suggested more than teach. In addition, their shoes with cross strips they marked well turned legs. By Leighton!