Is one of the trends this summer stars: the flyers, that you are in tops, dresses, and even bikinis. Flyers give volume to the area that the body that you want to highlight, but also help to hide defectillos. They are very feminine and add movement to your look, that same love them and taking advantage of the sales, We’re going to buy flyers to galore.

Tops with steering wheel

In Zara they have added to their tops more miminal a good steering wheel so that they are even more romantic. The tops are very thin strap and in all colors:

  • In yellow, 9,99 EUR.
  • In green water for 9,99 euros.
  • Top with ruffle crop, for 9,99 euros.

Dresses with Ruffles

To not look like we’re in the April fair, the frills on dresses, better that it be discrete. A subtle detail that brings a feminine and romantic twist to our summer dresses. In Mango added frills to many of his clothes, in the cleavage, on bass and all dress:

  • Red asymmetrical dress for 14.99 euros.
  • Blue print dress with Ruffles, for 14.99 euros.
  • Black dress with ruffle, by 27,99 EUR.

Ruffled skirts

The ruffled skirts they can be very sexy and give shape to our silhouette in a very powerful way. In ASOs You can find models of these characteristics, the bad news is that these skirts are not reduced and you can escape a little of our bare-bones budget.

  • Skirt in pink skater type, for 63,38 euros.
  • Skirt with Leopard print, by 154,92 euros.
  • Color-block black and white skirt, for 77,46 euros.
  • Neoprene midi skirt by 77,46 euros. In addition to black, this model is available in electric blue. The model in blue is gorgeous and in fact, I think that already some bloggers have worn it.

With the reduced prices It is difficult to resist the temptation of having a garment with ruffle.

Photo | Stella wants to die

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