This time has not been Zara which (fictitiously) purchased a palace to be installed, no, neither it is a joke that we want to spend you on the occasion of the day of the Holy Innocents, the owner is true, Mango has in mind to open a Megastore in the Palace of the music in Madrid, and everything indicates that it has obtained the approval by the City Council. Is Mango wanting to gain ground to Zara leaps?

Just a few months ago the firm made alarm bells ringing with the launch of its new line for large sizes, violet, and last week the Mango boom reached the landmark building of Headquarters in Bilbao BBK, more than 8000 meters square in the heart of Gran Via Bilbao that fell into the hands of Mango, most significant even if we consider the opening of other Megastore in the same city that took place last year.

As if this wasn’t enough, and after Mango parade in the 080 Barcelona Fashion along with other companies such as Desigual and Custo Barcelona, the Catalan no-frills announced just a few days ago the acquisition of two buildings in Madrid, in Calle Serrano and Orense, all under a new strategy that focuses the force on a Plan of opening and expansion of macrotiendas.

But what has been the last step in Mango? Your interest in the Palace of the music in Madrid, that it has already obtained the ok to the feasibility in urban terms of the query submitted to the City Council, although at the moment the presentation of any license has been held to start the proceedings of the Special Plan required in this case.