Ladies and gentlemen Alexander Wang It has been to do. Accurate, its roll pajamas presented at its last collection spring-summer 2014 has become all of a plague in the streets, at least the one frequented by the egobloggers (remains to be seen if it becomes a trend as such or is simply one of those only suitable for photographs).

Shirts have gone not buttoned at the top to go to leave open at the bottom, that Yes, with well positioned bottlenecks. If in addition We combine the white with a pair of blue shorts shirt from the traces of having assaulted drawer lingerie for your partner and have been stolen, voila! You already have the Alexander Wang look.

Hands in pockets, dark glasses and often a pair of ugly shoes on your feet, and in this way get to look a look worthy of an egoblogger. Or that will turn around your neighborhood to think that you sales at underwear on the street. But the molar idea, cool, although it only serves for the photographs of the outfit of the day.

Become this way so curious of wearing a simple white shirt in a trend worthy of study?, will get the darling of fashion made with streets or only shall be reduced to the networks?

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