Renee Zellweger Will Be The New Ambassador for Saks Fifth Avenue

Actresses are still paying his face for signatures, collections, dienadores and now for a large department store. However, Renee will not be the image merely from Saks, but it will be Ambassador in 2007, the campaign Key to the Cure (The key to the cure) in company with the Enterteinment Industry Foundations seeks to raise funds for breast cancer research.

“All are touched by cancer in some way and unfortunately one in four women will be diagnosed with the disease during his lifetime”l said the actress, reason why it is very interested in participating in this campaign. So the first step will be a t-shirt designed by Juicy Couture that Renee will wear promoting the national public system of health care service.

I love when companies and famous used his power to seek to improve this world. I give congratulations to Renee and Saks to put your two cents.