I already have something that you anotéis in your Vogue Paris 2008 calendar: dates of the! upcoming fashion shows for autumn-winter 2008/09! Not are you willing to to start the Fashion Week? To me, the Chanel Pre-Fall collection It has awakened me the desire to.

We will begin with the menswear collections: from 12 to 16 January at Milan, and from 17 to 20 in Paris. Then, the girls:New York fashion week: from 3 to 10 February.London fashion week: from 10 to 16 February.Milan fashion week: 18-February 24.Paris fashion week: 26-March 4.

And, in the Middle, don’t forget the Haute Couture spring/summer 2008, that will take place in Paris on 21 to 24 January, and where parade Josep Font. Which desire to have see their creations!