Sharm el Sheikh Travel Guide

The clear water of Sharm el Sheikh is the diver’s choice.

Sun, sea and sand – all this is offered by Sharm el Sheikh. The pleasant climate of Egypt, the blue flickering sea and the mountains that protect the destination create a wonderful setting for a successful holiday.


A paradise between the mountains

Sharm el Sheikh, familiarly known as Sharm, is located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the shores of the Red Sea. A paradise of glistening sea and palm trees surrounds the rugged desert of Sinai with its mountains.

Of Egypt’s numerous beach resorts, Sharm el Sheikh has become a tourist favorite thanks to its magnificent diving waters, well-functioning services and entertaining nightlife. Sharm el Sheikh’s wider resort is divided into a number of different beach resorts, many of which have grown entirely around tourism.

The most authentic and historic can be found in the old center of Sharm el Maya. The lively Naama Bay, on the other hand, is a European-inspired hotel area with everything you need for a relaxing holiday: sandy beaches, swimming pools, shops and restaurants. Located a few kilometers away, El Hadaba is a quieter area with impressive views of the surroundings.

Heat all year round

Heat all year round

Sharm el Sheikh is warm in winter, really warm in early autumn and late spring and hot in summer. Thanks to its favorable climate, Egypt is one of the closest winter destinations. During the winter months, the temperature fluctuates in 20-degree splits, although in December-February it cools down in the evenings.

The waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is part of the Red Sea, also remain warm all year round.

The vacation revolves around beach life

The beach destination of Sharm el Sheikh is excellent. Diving schools are in fierce competition with each other, which means that the offer of companies remains diverse. Popular activities closer to the beach include snorkelling and surfing. On the sandy beaches you not only laze under parasols, you also play beach volleyball and enjoy the offer of beach bars.

However, diving is one of the most popular activities on site. Beneath the surface opens a colorful world full of one of the more beautiful seafood. Sharks may also come against a diver in these waters – not entirely harmless, but fortunately attacks are rare.

If there is not enough sea water, sandy beaches and hotel pools, there are a few Water Parks in Sharm el Sheikh, the largest and finest of which is Aqua Park City.



The holiday flight takes you there

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the winter destinations of numerous Finnish tour operators. Leisure flights are operated several times a week, landing at Sharm el-Sheikh airport in just over half an hour away from the hotel area.

There are also sudden departures to the destination.

Hotels for every taste

Many of Sharm’s hotels are located in the Naama Bay area, about 10 kilometers from the center of Sharm el Sheikh. The area is located in the immediate vicinity of the sandy beach, and there are many different holiday activities from shopping to partying and beach rentals to water sports.

Hotels are typically high quality and clean, some of which are apartment hotels. Some of the hotels are particularly suitable for families with children, and full-board services are also available.

Getting around

Trips longer than a walk in or around Sharm el Sheikh are easiest to take a taxi. Prices are low, a trip of about 5 kilometers costs a few euros. However, taxis usually do not have meters, so the price should be agreed with the driver in advance. From the Naama Bay hotel area, the center of Sharm should be about 20 Egyptian pounds, or less than three euros.

Sharm el Sheikh also has crowded vans serving minibuses, and there are free shuttle buses to the city from some hotel areas. From Sharm el Sheikh you can also take a bus to Cairo, Dahab and Taba, for example. It takes a hydrofoil to Hurghada in a couple of hours.



The old town of Sharm

Sharm’s old town offers a more authentic Egypt than the Naama Bay hotel district can ever do. The Old Market is the best place in the area to shop in the typical Egyptian way. Bargaining is mandatory so that hookahs, fabrics, spices and scarves are included at a reasonable price.

Near the Old Town is also the port of Sharm el Sheikh, where cruise ships anchor and allow their passengers to explore the destination. Unlike the hotel grounds, the old town of Sharm is made up of locals, so it’s also a great place to explore the Egyptian way of life.

Excursions to nearby areas

A week or two is easily spent in Sharm, but if you have enough energy, you should explore the wonders of Egypt and the surrounding areas. After all, the country is home to some of the world’s most spectacular attractions. Travel agencies organize day trips to Cairo. On the same trip you can visit the magnificent Egyptian Museum and the famous pyramids.

The deserts surrounding Sharm el Sheikh are also worth a visit. Take under a camel, ATV or your own feet and set out to explore the wonders of the desert. Mount Sinai is believed to be the place where Moses received the famous 10 Commandments.

At the foot of Mount Sinai, on the other hand, is the mythical monastery of St. Catherine, whose long history is full of interesting stories. The ornate buildings and fruit-colored gardens of the monastery, which used to be almost isolated, can now be explored on an excursion or independently.

About a two-hour drive from Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab is a small and peaceful town on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba and a particularly popular holiday destination for surfers, snorkelers and divers. In Dahab, you can stay at, for example, Miami Beach Resort, where the service is also available in Finnish.

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