We are sure that many remember the ads of the sneakers with lights. An image so stage it seems lie that, with the revival we are having these seasons, we have not seen it in mass market stores. For those who waited them – that do not believe that they were many – here are. Blame it to Topshop.

The British firm has filed a by Asish lookbook it breathes a strong air 90’s and perhaps the most characteristic of this is the return of sneakers with lights in the sole, the fashion in the 90’s was reserved for children but provided in this 2014 and next to the signature Buffalo, Topshop sale to something more creciditas girls.

Not yet been put on sale not sure what will be its price, But what is certain is that they will give much to talk about.

More trends in Jezebel

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  • Again another 90’s trends: ankle bracelet
  • Is it this spring-summer 2014 season the mules?