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South Africa – the land of contrasts

The contrasts in South Africa were and still are huge. Many people are leaving the country and moving to the cities. They cannot find work there and have to live in slums, the slums. Living is probably the wrong word here, you have to live here. These slums keep getting bigger and bigger and more and more people come to survive.

These slums are also known as townships. When racial segregation officially determined the life of blacks and whites, these townships were closed districts. In the meantime, the townships are no longer separated from the inner cities, but since mostly only the poor and mostly black population live here, there is still a spatial separation between the districts of the rich and the poor.

Life in a South African village is of course completely different from that in a major South African city. And here in a beautiful house in a residential area different from the corrugated iron huts on the outskirts. To get more information on South Africa and Africa, check equzhou.


A slum is a slum in the big cities of the world. Here the people mostly live in very simple huts, which are often built from very simple building materials such as cardboard or corrugated iron. These huts are not very stable and exposed to the weather. There is no running water, the hygiene is more than poor and diseases can spread very quickly here. The slums in Cape Town are getting bigger and bigger. The Cape of Good Hope is hope for many who are looking for work, who are fleeing and who are looking for a better life. Further settlements are forbidden in these so-called townships, but people cannot be stopped from moving there. These slums can be found in all of the country’s larger cities.

Many rich people live in expensive mansions in the cities, on large farms and in the most beautiful regions of the country, namely on the coast. But there are also white South Africans who are worse off, who have no work and are therefore poor. Not every white South African automatically owns a lot of money.

But it is still the black South Africans who are particularly often poor and unfortunately also remain poor. The lives of children are also determined by this poverty. In South Africa it is not only important which area you might be born in, but also what skin color you are. This decides about your further life. South Africa, more than any other society in the world, is a society of inequality – and what applies to adults also applies to children.

What exactly is apartheid?

The term apartheid comes from Afrikaans, the language of the white settlers who settled in South Africa. It means something like “separation” or “separation”. And whites should be separated from black South Africans. The blacks had to live in so-called townships, which were separate suburbs of the cities.

1948 as a turning point in politics

In 1948 the National Party came to power and with that the government fell into the hands of racists. The white population considered themselves superior and superior to the black population. They took rights to oppress, enslave and exploit their fellow citizens. She officially introduces apartheid.

This attitude prevailed for a very long time and shaped the coexistence and divergence of people in South Africa. An example of this is the photo on which it is pointed out on a beach that only white people are allowed to swim on this section of the beach. Today, white and black South Africans are equal before the law, but in some minds the difference still lives on.

Is it really that dangerous in South Africa?

When South Africa is mentioned, it is often said that the crime rate is high. This means that a great many crimes are committed. But this also includes bicycle theft. But in South Africa there is not only bicycle theft, the number of murders is very high here. That number has decreased in recent years.

However, there are more robberies now. This is how people are attacked and robbed in their homes or in their cars. But of course it is not the same everywhere and there are big differences. Statistics say that crime is lower in Cape Town than in Johannesburg. Many acts also happen within the townships.

But it turns out that as people’s living conditions improve, so does the number of crimes. However, Johannesburg is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and South Africa has the highest number of crimes committed in this city.

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