The good news in Spanish exports also have to fashion as the protagonist. The the textile sector exports grow 16.4% in the first six months of 2013. They pose 5824 million euros. A great fact for the textile industry to begin the News of the week in Jezebel.

  • Spanish brands continue to rely on the foreign market to continue growing. Brands like Hoss Intropia, consist Hernandez to the front, maintain its expansion in countries such as United States or Mexico. [More in five days].
  • Versace you will have your own hotel in Macau, China. One of the world capitals of the game you will see how stands the Palazzo Versace Macau with a new casino-resort. [More in The Wall Street Journal.]
  • Abercrombie & Fitch achieved poor sales results. Fall 10% in the second quarter of its financial year (completed August 3) in a few unexpected details and the New York Stock Exchange punished the brand with a descent that was left to 17.67% at the meeting on Thursday. [More on Reuters].
  • Sales of Hermes they grow in United States 11.8% since last year. [More on Elle].
  • In cosmetics advertising there is no limits. Or at least not after seeing this unnecessary listing of Benefit Mascara with Vinny from Jersey Shore. There are too many labels to criticize it.
  • Joseph Altuzarra He is interviewed in The Business of Fashion where we can read how faces his career, current success and remember came here. An interview that is worth reading.