Thanks to the work of the costume very well thought out – I’m doing my best to not use the term “visual assassin” – the series, Hannibal, aired in Brazil by channel, Universal managed to turn one of the greatest psychopaths of fiction, and a style icon for the men, something that has its foundation, after all, the character played by the great actor Danish Mads Mikkelsen (007 – Casino Royale), although insane, it demonstrates a level of sophistication exceptional.

Style Tips You Can Learn from the Series Hannibal

Christopher Hargadon, responsible for the costumes for the series, worked with the ability not only to choose properly the patterns, prints, accessories, and color palettes, but to make sure that the clothes tell a little bit about each character, and seeing the way thorough as Dr. Hannibal Lecter wears we can understand a little of his psychological profile, his methods.

1 – Patterns and prints show sophistication

A man with high standards probably if he with a european touch, and with the main character of the series is no different: the standards of the Prince of Wales and window pane, usually on a dark background, to give a touch sober and sophisticated to the suits of Dr. Lecter.


2 – A node of tie powerful it makes a difference

As the model has opted for shirts open collar, to mention combine very well with the actor’s face, the tie knot should be consistent with this collar and imposing as the rest of the costume. The double knot windsor fell like a glove in this case, giving great emphasis to the top part of the suit.


3 –Do Not dismiss the vest

Vests or simple models with lapels, over-worked, are constant in the series and is completely understandable as its presence highlights the character of the other, as if to say that that person is in front of the other, and somehow it is so, because no one knows their true intentions.


4 – Attention to the details

The handkerchief in the pocket and the micro patterns of the ties show us how the character is conceited, methodical, sophisticated and specific, and in real life this is also how we see a person so careful to dress up. Accessories are a good way to show how much attention to detail and up to where will your good taste.


5 – Believe in the classics

Prints such as the paisley, or the Prince of Wales, the suits with the English court, shirts smooth in sober colours, leather shoes with laces, classic items in the wardrobe, the male that are successful for decades. Bet on them and will never be in the hand!


Note: As the series is recorded in Canada, the model used is provided by the designer Garrison Bespoke Toronto, although many people think that the beautiful suits are used to some designer european famous.