Surf and Taghazout

Taghazout, Morocco

If you drive 120 km north of the city of Agadir on the southwest coast of Morocco, you will find the small fishing village of Taghazout. From the beginning, the city had the most inhabitants who were Berber, but as the city became more and more modernized with electricity, water and telephony, inhabitants also moved here from other Moroccan cities and villages. The village is characterized by an interesting history but not much of this is preserved but has long been told in the form of stories from mouth to mouth. In this village, people have long made a living from fishing and the production of argan oil, but now tourism is starting to spread in the village and is starting to take place on the list as one of the main sources of income for the city. Despite the widespread tourism, the village has so far managed to retain its charm.


Taghazout is a popular destination for surfers as the village has long and fine sandy beaches and the whole village breathes surfing. The village has therefore been known among surfers for many years and has often been called a “surfing mecca”, but now other tourists are also starting to discover the village. Nowadays, yoga enthusiasts also gather here and Taghazout is therefore a perfect destination for those who want a calm and relaxed journey, just enjoy and just be. You do not travel here if you are looking for a large shopping offer or wild party nights, Taghazout is the exact opposite. Here you can travel both as a beginner and a fantastic fan both when it comes to surfing and yoga. Different courses are organized based on levels with skilled instructors, but you can also come here to exercise your interest on your own. Many people travel here to “find themselves”.

If you want to do some activity in addition to surfing and yoga, there is also a nice and popular golf course with 18 holes. If you are hungry for more shopping or fun, you can take a taxi or a local bus to the city of Agadir. Or why not visit the large banana plantations located just outside the village, eating a completely fresh banana is an experience in itself! A trip to Taghazout can be fraught with luxury as there are several luxury hotels to choose from, but there are also various “camps” where you share accommodation with like-minded people.

For Taghazout, it is also not entirely uncommon for people to travel without company as you can often book a special surfing trip or a yoga trip. Here you can easily find other people with the same interest as yourself and it is therefore easy to find new friends during your trip.

As the village is a distinct fishing village, the supply of food is accordingly. Food from the sea is their specialty and something you should try when you are there. But of course there are also other restaurants and fast food chains if you are looking for variety.

In Taghazout it is often hot and a wonderful climate, low prices, nice culture, nice atmosphere and wonderful activities are factors that contribute to it being a popular and growing tourist destination. The mother tongue here is Moroccan Arabic, but you also get far with French and English, all with a Berber dialect.

Surf and Taghazout

Surf and Taghazout

The biggest reason why Taghazout has become such a popular tourist destination, is that this place offers some of the world’s best opportunities for all surfers. This is then about a very young audience, which means that the average age of all those who visit Taghazout will be around 25-32 years. This in turn means that it is a tourist destination where things happen all the time. This applies to everything from surfing on the beach when the right waves are there, while there will also be a very attractive party life.

When you go to Taghazout to practice your favorite sport of surfing, you will immediately meet like-minded people. This is a place that never ends on the daring surfers who are constantly looking for a bigger wave. Yes, you know. The one who will give them that little extra adrenaline rush.

Taghazout is built for surfing

Since the waves are in Taghazout, of course, the entire city’s tourism industry will be built around this phenomenon. In that case, it is a matter of there being a lot of adapted housing. Here we are not primarily talking about the big hotels, but it is mainly about renting the bungalows that are around the beaches. That is what is part of the tradition when it comes to the ethical life of a surfer.

Now, this does not mean that there is a lack of hotels, but there is also plenty of this. To see the offer regarding this and find what you are looking for, it is always best to book your accommodation online before the trip.

Choose Killer Point or Anchor Point

Actually, this question will be totally useless to the genuine surfer. Here he will definitely choose both without hesitation. Why we ask the question is just to make it a little more interesting for you who are considering traveling to this place on earth.

Killer Point is the place where you will find the powerful point break that all surfers are looking for at least once in their life. When it comes to Anchor Point, this place will be best known for its perfect tunnel waves which is the classic wave to make life happy for all surfers.

Learn to surf in Taghazout

When you go to Taghazout, there will be no one with an entrance exam that you can already surf. Here, you who have the interest in learning to surf can get in touch with others who can be your help along the way, while at the same time you can take one of the many courses in this that are offered. Here you can choose if you want to learn in groups, or if you want private lessons to learn faster.

Something that is also very good is that the prices of most things in Taghazout will suit even those with a smaller budget. To be such a trendy and popular destination as Taghazout has become in a short time, this place offers very high quality for a really quite easy price.

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