It was once the time when tailoring pants was a piece worn only in work environments or more formal events. She has made room for casual day-to-day productions, whether it’s a simple walk in the mall or her friend’s birthday.

Tailoring Pants A Guide to Getting Out of the Basics

Tailored trousers are a classic women’s wardrobe and do not need to be worn only with blazers and social shirts, you can also put on more fun looks with the piece.

Mixing textures, colors and even betting on a less formal shoe, already make all the difference in the look. Start by trying out a different model of tailoring pants, like a pantacourt, or simply pulling out of the basic black.

We developed some tips in partnership with the style consultant Danyla Borobia, to create incredible looks with the tailor’s pants in formal looks and beyond. Check out!

Tailoring in formal looks

Probably the most seen combination with the tailoring pants is in formal looks. Danyla gives some tips to innovate in the visual, be it for formal or more casual environments: “Tailoring pants in lighter colors, such as nude, pearl and gray, make the look lighter and yet formal and make up very well with blouses , colorful blazers or cardigans. ”

Another valuable tip is to mix textures to modernize the look, “replacing the blazer or jacket with a cardigan or knitting can make the look more feminine and jovial,” Danyla says.

Tailoring in relaxed looks

“Any model of tailor’s pants can be used to create cool looks, remembering that the accessories, colors and fabrics will give the tone of the style stripped,” says the consultant. Danyla also points out some key pieces to make the look more fun, such as a jeans shirt, a sneaker, leather jacket and a t-shirt. “The mix of style tends to leave the look more enriched and still relaxed,” adds Danyla.

Tailor looks fashionistas

The idea here is to play the tailoring trousers with bolder and more modern pieces, explains Danyla. White tennis is the darling of the turn, but an impact accessory is also a good request, as is a cropped top and a maxi vest. Playing with color combinations, to get out of the basic black and gray, is also a sure bet. “In this type of composition, the model pantacourt pants, saruel or clochard will give the air fashionista”, ends Danyla.

Tailoring party looks

The style consultant explains that the first thing to do is check if the occasion allows the use of pants. “Tailoring trousers already have an air of formality and sophistication, for this type of event it is best to opt for more sophisticated and festive uppers, that is, noble fabrics, velvet, metallic, with applications and embroideries, as well as composing with third piece and abuse the most glamorous accessories, “explains Danyla.

Winter looks tailoring

Here overlaps are more than welcome. Wear and abuse heavy jackets, cardigans and coats as well. Regarding shoes, Danyla gives some tips: “Pants with a more open, straight or flare mouth can be made up of stockings and closed shoes, for example, short boots, oxfords or other male-shaped models. To stretch the silhouette the best is that the sock has the same color as the shoe or the pants. ”

The various models of tailored trousers

In addition to varying the combinations and occasions where you will use the tailoring, another factor that can make a difference in the look is the chosen model / cut.

To help you create looks of different styles, know a little about the main models of tailoring pants, how to identify them and what body types each value.

Straight line

The most common model you find and also the most democratic. “His cut is straight in the leg, the pocket is usually a knife and the waist is slightly higher, but it is easily found with the lower waist,” Danyla explains. It is a great model for any type of body, especially the silhouettes with the wider hip and high buttock, therefore, the straight legs tend to visually diminish the hip. As for the shoes, the consultant explains that can be the most varied, from a scarpin to an oxford, everything will depend on the occasion and your style.

Cigarette tailoring

The tailoring pants on the cigarrete model is a bit more formal and a great option for women with narrow hip and small buttock, as it highlights and values this region. “This model is drier, but fairer, but not too tight like the skinny, usually the bar ends up in the ankle bone and the waistline tends to be higher,” explains the style consultant.

Tailor flare

This model has the highest waist, is fairer to the knee and opens toward the foot. Danyla explains that it is worth keeping an eye on the opening of the pants, to give the sensation of elongated silhouette and elegance to the look it is best to leave the bar longer, almost dragging on the floor, covering the shoe well. To complement the look worth betting on heels, scarpins, thin-tipped tennis shoes and anabelas.

Tailor pantacourt

This model usually ends in the middle of the cinnamon and has wider legs. The consultant explains that it is a model of informal tailoring pants, perfect to compose fashionistas looks and that it is best to check the dress code of the company or event to see if it is feasible to bet on looks with her. As for shoes, they can be the most varied and for those who want to stretch the silhouette, it is worth combining with the color of the pants.

How to choose the ideal tailoring?

In order to have no doubts when choosing your perfect tailoring pants, the style consultant, Danyla Borobia, listed some important aspects when making the right choice. Check out!

Model: It is important to evaluate in which occasions it will be used and the physical type, it is not obligatory the specific use of a model for a certain silhouette, what matters is the woman feel safe and beautiful with the pants;

Quality of the fabric: The pants should not wrinkle on the sides of the hip and on the inside of the thighs, they should have a straight trim, which accompanies the silhouette;

Color: Neutral colors like black, navy, wine, gray, nude, opaque fabrics and chalk line are great choices for beginners or to have those joker tailoring pants in the closet;

Internal Finish: A good tailoring pant has the seams covered by comfortable bias. Analyze the label in it contains the composition of the fabric, the higher the percentage of natural tissue in the composition the better the part, the origin and way of washing and drying;

We selected some pants for you to buy online and ravage the productions of the day to day.