Kate Moss perform 7 campaigns less than last season, going 18-11 campaign this season 2007 / 2008. In addition, 11 campaigns to be undertaken, 3 are brands that bear his name, as the of Topshop and the perfume that launched recently. Brands prefer young and fresh, as the model Agyness Deyn (21 years old) faces in Burberrry, Keira Kneightley (22 years) in Chanel or the actress Scarlett Johansson (22 years) Louis Vuitton.

Kate Moss is not to be greater, it is 33 years old, but life that carries him nothing comes well to your skin (although esto can be arranged with Photoshop), and have also seen it too everywhere. In October 2006, Vogue UK He had 6 campaigns of brands featuring she and Vogue UK October 2007 does not appear in any.

Is it the end of Kate Moss? It seems, still has no work for some time, we must not forget that the collection that I design for Topshop was a success of sales, it continues to set trends in the street, and that marks as Roberto Cavalli, y Longchamp continue teniendola as image.