We have already an example in a previous post how the colors blue and browncan create stunning looks, but it was a visual formal with suit and tie, what is interesting in this contrast is that it also works with combinations of casual clothes, moreover, by the image above you must have realized, however it is not only this that makes this one look right, so let’s see more…

The Look Right Complementary Colours in Visual Casual

Because it works

The tone of blue of the shirt is more alive when added to the brown jacket, the green tie was a nice touch, the color is in the middle of the path between the other two in the circle in color and covers very well the top of the visual. At the bottom we have the jeans with a wash that gives aspect well beat-up by leaving everything more decontraído and instead of a shoe the author of the combination, chose a shoe dark brown, giving a folded on the bar of the pants, following the current trend.

Try this…

The same combo, just by swapping the jacket for a blazer in twill, wool, cold or velvet in the same color. Another option that can also work a pants in twill beige or caramel. The tie can be taken, and a few buttons open, it is even more relaxation, but it loses a bit in terms of style.

It would not be the same thing if…

The shirt were smooth rather than checkered, the pattern has enriched the top part of the look without overwhelming it, since it does not appear too. It is true that the combo accepts jeans as well dark, as we have already shown here several times, I would be much more serious, but if it pleases you, go ahead.

In short:

  • Once more blue with brown mostou a good combination;
  • A touch of green, in this case, is perfect;
  • Wash denim battered gives tom relaxed;
  • Shoes sometimes come out better than tennis shoes;
  • If you don’t like the jacket, try a blazer in the same color;
  • To stay more relaxed, take off the tie, but know that you will lose style points;
  • Chess enhances the look very well, provided it is not overstated;
  • Need something more serious? Replace the jeans of course, by a dark.