Many women find it difficult to find the matching stockings for the planned evening dress shopping. Often woman slain by now of the offers in a corresponding shop almost. Nowadays the modern woman can choose from a wide variety of different hosiery. The following provides an overview of the most popular variations in the area of ​​today’s hosiery.

On cold winter days, of course, recommend mainly warm socks. No woman has to give up wearing a skirt on cold winter days nowadays. A cozy, warm tights, which nowadays is made from modern microfibre, prevents freezing of the legs. Of course, such warming tights can not only under skirts, but also be worn under pants. They are generally under the pants not off and also keep your feet at all times warm.

Classic nylon stockings in the actual style nowadays exist hardly, since they have been replaced more and more by the material microfiber. Nevertheless, thin tights suitable course for wearing under any outerwear. In particular, dresses, shorts or miniskirts can be presented in a different light here.
Unique fit into the range of erotic lingerie are stockings. Many a woman, however, complains that baseless stockings slip again from the thigh and therefore hardly suitable for wearing under clothing. For women who swear stone and bone to hold-ups, to outerwear recommends that fails longer, such as a long skirt, which can feature an elegant side slit. looks of

Men world are you here certainly are sufficiently to part.

Similarly erotic as stockings are certainly suspenders. These are particularly suitable for the very special moments in the life of a woman. Garter in combination with stockings are both under the wedding dress as well as a hot love affair or a surprise for your loved ones a very considerable variation in the range of hosiery.

Functional claims, however, can fulfill shaping pantyhose. This should cover up especially small fat pads in the buttock of the woman. In this way, a uniformly pretty leg be procured. With modern push-up tights is contrast to hosiery, the feminine curve to bring in the right amount to bear on the legs and buttocks. Likewise figurkaschierend are tights that have incorporated girdles that can ensure that the belly of the lady appears as flat as possible (the so-called “Tummy Effect”).

However, when conducting the evening’s clothing, most women wear pantyhose that have sexy lace or especially sensuous motives. Often these tights can attract many glances. Again and again modern are moreover also fishnets, the type of network the tights can be processed very differently. Basically particularly erotic legs can be conjured by fishnets

Minimizer or push-up bra? What suits me and what are the differences?

Not always want a woman that her breasts pierce the opposite because of their size and amazing. Not infrequently suffering women who have comparatively large breasts, so from a cup size of D or greater, under her large cleavage. For an optical breast reduction here a so-called minimizer bra can be helpful. This ensures that a woman’s breasts look smaller than they actually are.

A minimizer bra thus reduces the breasts visually by about one cup size, because of the special section of Minimizer bras leaves the female breasts look smaller without pressing here. A minimizer bra is therefore ideally suited for women who have cup sizes D, E or F.

Although many women today want a voluptuous bust, many women do not really know what this may actually mean. Here are some thought of health effects that may manifest itself due to comparatively large breasts in the form of back pain and other ailments. A discreet appearance can be ensured by a minimizer bra for women who have large breasts.

Already for a long time have bras not only the task of keeping the female breasts and give them a form, but modern bras, such as a minimizer bra can help women to conceal the own female forms and thus to be more confident to lead. For this reason, it is at a minimizer bra in any case a useful garment for a woman who filled over relatively large breasts.

The opposite of a minimizer bra is a push-up bra, which can each woman find an enchanting and attractive décolleté. By Extra padding in a push-up bra can be ensured that the breasts to a whole cup size appears larger. Basically lifts a push-up bra on the female breast and is therefore also suitable for women who have comparatively large breasts. The pillows that are available in a push-up bra can easily be taken out as a rule, so that women often decide with large breasts because of the lifting effect for a push-up bra. Many women report that they feel by wearing a push-up bras female and more confident in the professional and private life. Through an appropriate bra in their appearance and the visual appearance of a woman can be perfected.

Ultimately, of course, any woman to decide whether and to what extent they want to represent and present their breasts visually appealing. On fields special occasions for two, a push-up bra can be selected. Many men can join the sight of a plump and visually appealing Cleavage known not escape.

The possibilities of today’s market of lingerie, for example in the range of Minimizer bras & Push-up bras is plentiful. Both forms of bras are available in various designs, sizes and in different colors and with different motives. For every budget, therefore the correct bra model will be found.

Tanga, Panties, Panty, what suits me?

Also lingerie under the current zeitgeist and the current fashion. At this point you will find an overview of different lingerie, the woman can wear untenrum.

The rough selection includes this Pantys, briefs and thongs. Nowadays thongs are very popular especially in younger women, whereas panties and briefs are inevitable even in older semesters out of the closet. Basically both thongs and panties and briefs in different designs and in different designs and price ranges are available.

Pantys are generally as broad briefs with short leg to describe, reminiscent of shorts for appearance. They should appeal to the sporty woman attaches great importance to a high wearing comfort in combination with a fashionable claim. Pantys are now available in elegant, playful or sporty shape. Due to the special section of a panty can bring to bear the feminine curves very well. Pantys rich in French form to the waist and have the approach a very short short leg. A high cut legs here is however undesirable, but this, depending on the collection, may well vary.

A Jazzpant is a waist-high panty, but has a high-cut legs. This it allows the wearer a high degree of freedom of movement, which is why Jazzpants are also very happy to be attracted to sports activities.

Strings are generally characterized by little fabric and a high leg cut off. The seat area of a woman is to be emphasized in a string. The rear portion of the string is therefore made ​​particularly narrow cut to size material; partly only a thin ribbon is used at this point.

A string Set to appeal to young women their feminine curves
would like to highlight especially. Thong have generally in the side and
buttocks area over more material portion. In a thong thus more the wearer’s skin is covered, while a string is very “frank” and few men in the sight of a woman therefore may escape in a string. In particular, when wearing hipster thongs and strings come as lingerie in everyday life very good effect.

In a thong, the rear and front part of the briefs are interconnected by narrow strips of cloth, ribbons or tapes. The rear area of Thong can cover the buttocks, or might be made ​​in the form of a string.

A Taillenslip characterized by little cut legs and a broad form of.
Basically, a Taillenslip is hautabdeckend and processed broad and ranges often beyond the navel. By Taillenslip thus be perfectly conceal unwanted excess fat. Thus flatters a Taillenslip especially women who have something to offer “more”. A Hipster contrast worked waist high and is characterized by low-cut legs.

A classic slip on the other hand is defined as underpants, the rudimentary having a little triangular shape. In Slips different leg shapes are conceivable. Also in terms of height and width of a panty with the wishes of the woman are no limits.

What bra shape fits to my chest?

A badly fitting bra can a woman spoil the whole day and or even make any movement uncomfortable agony. Therefore, the following you will find various tips that we have compiled for you, so you a fast bra can find one that suits best to your chest.

The cups of the bra must be able to completely take the woman’s breasts and also the breasts may not emerge under the bra cups. If this is the case, the cup size of the bras was too small. The female breast can only be supported optimally when the bra cup fits like a glove and is thereby prevented that the carrier can cut into the shoulders of the woman to painful way.

The strap of the bra size should be considered when buying a bra in any case. In principle, the strap on the woman’s body should fit snugly. If the straps are too short, the chest can not be perfectly rounded off under certain circumstances. In this case, the cup size is too small. If the bracket, however annoying or too long, then the Cup has been chosen too large and the strap can directly press the breast tissue, which can permanently cause chest pain in women.

Bras are available with bra straps in different versions today. In particular, if you need a larger cup size due to a full breast, you should pay attention to particularly wide straps of the bra when buying, because they are able to distribute the weight load of the breast wide scale and cut at the same time not so into the skin as thin straps ,

Due to the fact that wide straps on a bra often not necessarily to any outfit look advantageous small cushion under the range can be mounted, which flies up on his shoulders. Also by elastic bra straps, the shoulder area of ​​women are relieved and spared painful impressions or be reduced.

Ultimately need a bra fitted properly, otherwise he can quickly uncomfortable pinch, in order to induce pain and the neckline of the woman can not be presented in the best light also. Through a simple test with your current favorite bra you can practice appropriate tricks. Here you should make sure that the bra is firmly seated on the body. The bra has this chest strip directly to the sternum, because only thus it can support your breast in the middle area of ​​the chest enough.

By pressing the finger against the frontal center of the bras, at the point at which the brackets are closest, the bra should not have too much play and not stick out at the same time. If this is the case, the cup size is too small.

Which lingerie color suits me?

The question of the favorite color in the range of lingerie was in recent years been the subject of various studies and statistical surveys. In a survey of various German women, for example, interesting results have been brought to light. Black lingerie are still the front-runner, but closely followed by underwear and lingerie in White. Even gray and purple are very popular with women in Germany always more and more popular in the field of lingerie.

Generally it is in the favorite color of lingerie to the proverbial big question that can not be answered in general. Finally, it all depends on the particular occasion when the lingerie are to be applied. Underwear in white is generally said to have a certain innocence, whereas lingerie standing in red for passion and temperament. For Black on the other hand is one of the classic colors in the field of underwear. If he chooses a woman for black lingerie, she is prepared in any case for any eventuality of the day and evening.

Hardly any other piece of clothing, the femininity of a woman in such a clever stress as is the case with lingerie. Whether playful details, silk, lace or a very delicate something out of nothing: men love lingerie just as much as women. Nowadays can certainly escape any man who is interested in women, the fascination that lingerie can bring in different colors with it.

In the color selection, the men in this country, moreover, by no means unanimous. It belongs to the realm of urban legends that all men alike lingerie prefer red color, although this color like no other for temperament and passion is.
Innocent White is in the field of lingerie certainly as popular as classic black or a more spirited red. a recent study by red lingerie are in demand only at about 13% of all men. Underwear in champagne- or skin color, for most men, however no sensory stimulator.
Whatever might think the men world over lingerie also: Important is esnatürlich that you feel comfortable in their lingerie itself, whether this is a bra including an underpants or a refined-transparent panties and garters is.

Incidentally, it does not matter which color in the field of lingerie you may end decide: By choosing and a commitment to a particular color automatically sending signals about your personality. Psychologically colors can reveal the erotic nature of the respective wearer in the field of lingerie. Women who prefer white lingerie, can be for example, like a new experience. Black, however, is more preferred by passionate individualists. Tenderness and a feminine look is based on lingerie in pink and pink.

How do I determine the correct bra size?

Many women nowadays know their bra size is not accurate. In the long term this can lead to significant health problems and physical ailments, such as back pain, lead. Also poor posture and chest pain can be the result of a wrong bras. In addition, a non-optimal fitting bra also can slacken the connective tissue of the breasts, which can lead to unpleasant-looking sagging breasts.

Generally, using two measurements the right bra size are easily determined. Basically a bra must not squeeze even press the chest too much, but should be an optimal support for the female breast and can give her support. If the bra is too small, it can leave already unsightly and painful after a few hours bruises.

By measuring can be found on fast and easy way, what is the correct bra size. For this, no gear in a special lingerie store is necessary, but these measurements can be performed even at home.

First, the chest should be measured once around the body. It is particularly important that is measured at the point at which the breast is fülligsten. Usually you will find this place on the nipple. Thereafter must be chest, so the area below the breast of the woman measured. The lower chest this reflects the size again, the first is on the bra. Today BH models start from a size of 65 cm and ranging up to a chest measurement of 125cm. The scope of the chest can also up to about 2 cm or rounded. If you have for example a chest measurement of 68 cm, you should prefer to opt for a BH in of size 70 instead of 65th Too small a bra can leave bruises and lead to an unpleasant and painful feeling during extended wear.

In the next step the respective Cup is determined. For this purpose, a simple calculation to be performed. The cup size is determined from the chest minus the under bust. This means that a difference between chest circumference and the lower breast of about 10 cm the correct bra size of the basket of the A-Cup is. With a difference of 17 cm of the Cup as is the case of a difference of up to 19 cm C- baskets are the right size, whereas with a difference of 20 cm a D cup and at 22.5 cm an E cup is recommended.

Ultimately, a correct measurement of the breast and chest circumference very important to find a bra can abutting optimally and can exert a supporting function to the female breast. Only in this way is an optimal wearing comfort possible. The majority of all women in Germany has, moreover, a C-cup at a lower breast size of 75 cm

How can I put a fuller décolletage?

Many women want to show her cleavage in the best light and are therefore always looking for tips and tricks on how you can own Cleavage visually enlarge, without notice. This question is, of course, especially women who have relatively small breasts. Below are some tips and tricks on how you can present your neckline are particularly attractive, without having to take this a costly and hazardous breast augmentation in purchasing.

Basically, however, one must at this point be said that a small breast is basically not bad, since he has the natural advantage that it hardly requires a support for one side and on the other hand usually has a very beautiful shape. Moreover, it is women who have a small but well-formed breasts, possible to also wear bras without wires or rods, as is the case for example with a bandeau.

A simple but attractive bra camisole with built darts can a woman a very beautiful neckline magic and is ideal for a small bosom. The difference to a simple bra here is that this has been very discreetly integrated lingerie. Whether with bows, ruffles and lace: A bra camisole is always an eye-catcher and can be a relatively small décolletage appear much larger than it is by nature.

The best and most beautiful invention of a female breast is of course still a push-up bra. Such BH entails that he can raise the female breast with both gentleness and model so that it always looks very natural and at the same time large.

By wearing such a bra, it is no problem to the breasts to enlarge as a Cup. Meanwhile, push-up bras available in many different colors, shapes and variants. The inserts used are very different. Whether deposits of gel, water or substance: With a push-up bra, anything is possible. The great advantage of gel inserts is that they can adapt to the female breast well and can make for a voluminous and perfect décolleté mainly for this reason.

Especially in women whose breasts are different sizes, bras with inserts can be a way to bring a particularly voluminous and attractive décolleté and let the breasts look more evenly. Incidentally, it is frequently observed that many women a whole or to have at least half a cup size difference between the two breasts. By wearing a deposit, or to adjust one of the bra straps of the difference in size between the two breasts can always be easily concealed.

The latest craze in the lingerie sector are so-called T-shirt bras, which have been processed seamlessly and therefore not under a tight dress emerge even under a tight shirt and also can provide excellent wearing comfort.

How do I lace my corset correctly?

In particular for untrained wearers, it is initially advisable to loosen the laces of the corset to remove and tighten somewhat. With practice and over time opening and closing of the corsage will succeed quickly without this facilitating measure. Basically most Corsets are laced at the back and front can be opened and closed using a hook closure. This entails that the corsage should not be tied again at every wearing.

Renewed cords is only necessary in this case, when the corsage to be made slightly narrower.After lacing the corset, the cords can be either open or hanging fixed with a loop. This ultimately depends on the taste of the wearer.Of course, the lines can also be accommodated particularly space-saving under other garments or under a body.

The disadvantage here is that the cords can emerge very quickly especially under tight clothing. Thus it is appropriate to cut the cords of the corset after lacing. In every case the relevant Corset cord should be cut to the length actually required. This means that the corsage using the cords can just close comfortably. After cutting the cords of the sealing strips of the corsage should not be forgotten. With nylon strings, for example, the ends can be heated briefly with a lighter. When cotton fibers on the other hand the use of a drop of superglue is recommended. These measures range from completely for sealing the Corsagenschnüre.

Generally it is highly recommended, a Laced Corset not to wear on bare skin, but always on lighter underwear, such as a body or a shirt. This allows the cords better glide and skin remains protected. In addition, the corsage has to be washed less frequently characterized as it is kept clean. The lacing of the corset should only be opened so far that the corsage without problems can be laid and closed around the body.

The corsage should always be closed from top to bottom. When closing, make sure that cords starting from the bottom always tighten pairs until the loop can finally be tightened easily at the waist. Care must be taken that meet the cords of the corsage exactly at the waist of the wearer. The same procedure is carried out in connection thereto from above until the corset was fully customize the body. Here, you should remember that your body only needs some time until it has adapted to the corset. Therefore, this should not be tied too tightly at the beginning.

It is recommended, however, the lacing of the corset after about 15 – 30 minutes retighten again. Of course, the lacing should never be done by force. Nor is excessive tugging at the strings of the corset is not recommended.

How do I maintain my underwear right?

It is essentially in lingerie comparatively expensive and also noble undergarment that will find a place in the wardrobe of every woman. For this reason, it is only understandable that a woman as possible over a long period joy would have on the respective lingerie. Basically lingerie are considered very delicate clothing, so you should pay attention to the washing instructions on each garment in any case. Below you can find beyond general advice on how to extend the life of your lingerie significantly.

To make the life of lingerie as long as possible, a suitable and appropriate care of lingerie is essential. Basically, it is important to wash lingerie right, because otherwise they can turn gray and yellow, which will make lingerie unsightly. to being the tips of the lingerie can fray or wear out, which would be very bad about the beautiful underwear course incorrect care.

Basically you should avoid fabric conditioner in the machine washing of underwear because this can soften the delicate fibers of lingerie very quickly. Instead, they should use rather mild detergent when washing lingerie, which protect the fibers and also contain no chemical whiteners that could turn the lingerie enforce negative. If you decide to wash your lingerie by hand, this can be done using a mild shampoo or shower gel. Generally mild shower gels or shampoos grab the lingerie to not so strong, as is the case with an ordinary detergent. Whether you opt for machine or hand wash, lingerie do not belong in the dryer, as can be superheated by this the sensitive fibers of lingerie. The consequence would be that the lingerie received or would carry an otherwise damage them.

When machine washing lingerie should not be placed individually in the washing machine. For this, however, a small laundry bag should be used. Alternatively, the lingerie can also be packaged in a pillowcase or socks in the washing machine. In this way you can prevent the lingerie can become wedged in other clothes and wear damage it. In addition, can thereby be avoided that the strap of the bra damage the machine or be lost in this.

In Lingerie Cotton You should generally be aware of the care instructions. Washable at 95 ° – Basically cotton garments at 30 are.
Lingerie from spandex, however, are only to 30 ° washable. In addition, you should choose a weak spin cycle of the washing machine and always hang the lingerie from spandex wet. In a dry cleaning with aggressive substances, such as chlorine-containing agents, you should not in any case set made ​​of spandex.

Lingerie silk are certainly among the most sensitive garments at all. Under Handwash you should wash lingerie in silk extra careful and do not spin in the case of machine wash. Instead, the lingerie must be suspended from silk dripping wet on a hanger.

How do I adjust the bra straps properly?

Do you suffer again and again from back pain, unsightly deformations or headaches during the day? This may be related to a not properly fitting bra, cutting into your shoulders.

Many pathways converge at the neck of a person. By bra straps cutting into the shoulders, a feeling of pressure on the shoulders can emerge. It is obvious that in this way the overall well being of a woman can suffer. Inadequate bra can cause problems of various kinds and the back closure slipping upwards. This suffers from the fit to very unpleasant way and the weight of the breasts congested then solely on the bra straps.
The following are some valuable tips on the correct adjustment of the bra strap.

In either case the carriers must be checked by the BH. Such a test should be conducted in the best case in front of a mirror. For this purpose, you need a label at the waist. For this, you can get a belt buckle around the waist and mark the upper chest point. Next, hold a pencil horizontally to the clavicle. Next pay attention to your breast: The basket should not be lower than in the area of ​​the central chest. This point is situated halfway between the pencil and the waist. If the chest below, then you should adjust your bra straps rather shorter.

A bra has usually a catch, which is usually located on the rear side of the bra. On the back of the bra is held together with hooks. Additional stability lend bra straps that are adjustable along the length. It is important in any case that the carrier is sufficiently tensioned, but not cutting into the shoulders and visible traces behind. The first clue applies here: If two fingers can be inserted under the bra straps, sitting BH clearly too loose. In principle, the beam length of the bra should always be set only in a sealed BH. In addition, it should be ensured that the chest of the bra is indeed pulled something, but the carrier does not cut into the skin. Especially with new bras can it is not uncommon that the bra straps can be repeatedly adjusted. In addition, the bra should always be right on the skin and must not constrict. To check the fit of your bra, you should check with a finger press on the web which is located between the two shells. In this case, the web may not be moved, but must be firm. When the web can however move, you need a larger cup size.

Thus, you should pay attention when buying bras sure that the bra size is sufficiently selected and the winner of the bras are set correctly.


The body, or bodysuit is a special piece of clothing. He gives many women a whole new carrying and FIG feeling. Issues it resembles a catsuit, but he comes in contrast, without leg.

The bodysuit replaced simultaneously shirt and panties. To tighten it mostly has a Häckchenverschluss or snaps at the crotch. Some models have a zipper or a button-facing in the back or front part allows the tightening through the neck opening.

Bodies are like worn as underwear for women. They are available as a string version, with short or long arm, with carriers or with attached leg. Also as a sports and swimwear it is used. Popular is the classic cotton with a more or less high percentage of elastane. But the erotic aspect is not neglected with bodysuits lace, vinyl and leather.

The quality Body is seamless, breathable and antibacterial equipped microfibre and extra soft quality. For the cold season you will find even long-sleeved Budys with turtleneck. Bodies are also available for men. However, no more than underwear.

Since the crotch region lacked the shutter, he could not compete in the market and in the late 1990s production ceased. As children’s clothes, especially for infants, bodysuits are also common.

Netzbody    Gives every woman a touch erotic

Power Bodies are hot! A Netzbody gives every woman a touch of tingling eroticism wild desire. Hardly any observer can voluntarily take his eyes off them. The delicate Stöffchen in different colors is supple closely to the skin flatters any woman.

There are many different types of network Bodies. Commercially nothing to be desired. In related stores the desired Bodies and the appropriate accessories can be obtained easily.

Very fond Bodies are worn, the whole body – the arms and legs – cover. But power Bodies, in which the lower part is made as a string and the top has slim straps, their lovers.

A fishnet body with the major openings in the right places is particularly hot and sexy! Worn with matching accessories – color-coordinated suspenders or long, high boots – is the woman of the world, the highlight of every adult party.

Erotic Power washing is the ideal gift for ladies who love to feel tingling eroticism and seduction hot. Red and black mesh bodysuits are a delight and excite the senses.

Some sexy bodysuits are provided with small zippers or tiny snaps. This makes the covetous open more exciting.

Stringbody Versatile – from business to erotic!

The string body is an indispensable part of the wardrobe of modern women. This clever piece of clothing comes in many variations. Sporty, elegant or sexy – the body can be used in different situations.

Blouses Body fits perfectly with a business look. A business lady always has to rely on her outfit. It’s just embarrassing when the blouse slip out the skirt or pants. The blouses Body sits not wrinkle-free and slip.

A rather simple, sporty body can be worn during leisure time. Perfect with jeans. No matter how you sit down or bends, it is easy not to see what should remain hidden. Taking a Blaser over it, the outfit looks directly elegant. Also the gym emphasizes a sporty Body figure of its owner, without showing too much skin.

With tip and charming details, the body turns into an erotic seduction artist. Thanks to the huge selection and different models every woman will find something for themselves.

The decisive advantage of a string body is the string. No matter which is carried to the body outfit, the string leaves no annoying Slipabdrücke by jeans, pants or skirt.

Catsuit    The tight garment accentuates the figure.

With a catsuit every woman looks good. This tight garment emphasizes the female figure and forms a wonderful, sexy body. Thus equipped, the woman’s body is completely or partially covered. If the entire body of the woman veiled, it is often for costuming or concealing the real identity.

The material of catsuits can vary. So catsuits are available in flexible and less elastic material commercially. Elastic catsuits are made of a mesh fabric, a blend with elastane, PVC, stretch vinyl or rubber.

In the fetish industry catsuits are like worn leather, rubber or PVC. This material fits very closely to the body, as there is little or no stretch.

The true lovers of hot catsuits also marked with matching high boots and masks from the materials latex, leather or lacquer. Thus, the body is completely covered and a recognition of the person almost impossible. An absolute must for a catsuit is in the BDSM scene wearing different collars.

Wearing this sexy clothing is generally described as very pleasant. The veiled, covered the female body, the more mysterious is the first encounter.


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