I usually get each week on news of Zara to see your clothes and make me with any that draw much attention me until they run out. When I saw this Shirt in the female section I thought: “go more beautiful shirt, sure that triumphs”. The shirt is beautiful but we can not give you all the Zara award because I believe that Celine It has some of the blame. In a very short time I started it to see everywhere but what audience does this blouse?

A few days I began to see the best bloggers our country with her in their social networks and therefore a few days later in their blogs, the printed with a colorful summer die and the tissue with much fall made her perfect for the summer. There are thousand ways to combine it by its multiple colors and its white color based but with a pair of jeans is perfect.

Collage Vintage or Clochet they are only some of the bloggers who love this blouse but what surprised me most is stepping on Zara (of Madrid calle Serrano) and watch as jeweled ladies of the Barrio de Salamanca they bought this blouse without thinking twice. Surely they did not know that they were buying a blouse of French trend and that the bloggers wore it but I was captivated by them. Perhaps because of their abstract pattern and fabric, they will look just as good but otherwise, would conquer Zara also this type of audience?

Photos | Clochet Collage Vintage

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