The White Monkey of The Painter [50 Favourite Spots of Summer]

I can’t, see fever by the White monkeys This spring and think of all the painters of broad brush fashion stores buying your work suit. They go ahead, guys with style and comfortable. To our summer crush you are missing some stroke of Celine collections.

Mango white monkey

In Mango We see the white bow sleeveless and with a marked Vee-shaped neckline. To wear ankle. For 49.99 euros.

Zara and her monkey cross

Zara It prefers a monkey crossed with a belt entallando minimally while the rest is broad and the panels in a more raw white game. By 69.95 EUR.

Tibi blank

Tibi monkey fit most leg bass and mixed part of the previous details seen in models Mango and Zara. Only that this time the monkey is 100% silk and its price rises to 630 EUR.

The minimalism of Theory

Theory further trimming the length and adjusts the shape to a more tailored bow sleeveless. For $495.

The version of ASOs

ASOs increases the width of his pants leg and down almost to the ground in this jumpsuit with Sweetheart neckline. Per 35,14 EUR.

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