These Are Germany’s Next Topmodel Brothers and Sisters

Not infrequently, top models come in pairs therefore equal: Gigi (20) and Bella (19) Hadid, Suki (24) and Immy Waterhouse (21), lucky blue (17), and Pyper America Smith (18). Now, the fashion world has a new favorite pair of siblings: Lou (20) and Nils (17) Schoofs from Hamburg.

Family seems to be currently “in” in the fashion industry. With siblings enjoy especially advertisements largest popularity. Just think of the Last Balmain campaign with the sibling Duo (18) Kylie and Kendall Jenner (20), Erika and Joan Smalls (27), Bella and Gigi Hadid , as well as the model brothers Armando and Fernando Cabral.

Instagram-account of the popular model siblings has not yet cracked the 1000 mark. But Lou BB´s almost 15,500 followers give a promising prospect of the coming success

The latest model-double pack now comes from Germany. The fashion industry is already crazy about the newcomers, who post pictures of their model lives on their Common Instagram account . So Lou is among other things the new face of the current Blumarine summer campaign, her brother of Nils managed, after all, on the side of his beautiful sister on the cover of the Ukrainian “Vogue”.

5 facts you should know about the model newcomer made in Germany:

  1. you are in a Hamburg-based modeling agency under contract
    Meanwhile, the hype surrounding the two Germans brought lots of requests. New York, Barcelona or Brussels – the handsome siblings couple is internationally represented by agencies. But it all started in their home country. The Hamburg-based model agency “Place model” has fished equal both beauties.
  2. Lou and Nils ED already a “Vogue” cover
    Lou has gained some experience in the model business. Name her references now include how “Harper’s Bazaar” or Zara. In November 2015, stood in front of the camera she and her brother for the Ukrainian “Vogue”, Ed even the cover. “Sometimes that’s a challenge, but the people like it, that we are so close. Lou reveals it is genuine, because we have a close connection, which can never have two foreign models”, in an interview with””.
  3. Nils was discovered on Instagram
    Only Lou has been addressed in the car on the way from Hamburg to Berlin, then discovered the Agency pictures of her brother of Nils on her Instagram account – and also took him under contract. Now, there to see the two alternately on their joint account and on the Lou.
  4. your common dog’s name is Elvis
    For six years, a rare mix of Chihuahua and Spitz among siblings SCHOOF. They show up with their beloved four-legged friend Elvis likes on Instagram. Only a matter of time until he becomes famous. The name Elvis is in any case already very promising.
  5. the Schoofs have younger siblings
    Hard to believe the Schoofs have even a younger sister in the race. She was still too young to the modeling, at present Lou betrayed “”. But already many magazines like now with the recent SCHOOF would work. “I’m counting the days until she can work with us”, so Lou to “”. We are sure we will hear more often by this sibling team.