We know to be egoblogger of success It’s a bargain. They lead a life of luxury and travel that many would like to. But brands are not only looking for top bloggers. They also want We all become egobloggers. Missing brand without making own hashtag campaign inviting you to upload photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with their own clothes. The prize: more clothes firm that pose again on social networks.

Let’s review the firms that continue to exploit the fact that all take our side egoblogger So what selfie is the buzz word. To Zara It brought us their People section. In Mango they have your Social handle section in which you bypass up to 500 euros per month. And with the hashtag #suiteblanco the Spanish firm invited to photograph you wearing their news.

But there are also lesser-known firms that join truck egoblogger. There wherever there are girls willing to pose, there are brands such as Promod, with the contest #PromodSelfie.

Or the signing of shoes Callaghan echoes of fashion photograph our feet with his #Selfeet contest.

With these campaigns, brands get visibility on social networks, increase your mass followers, loyalty to his followers, make them than even more fans of the firm and the people dreaming of becoming a top egoblogger and they give free rein to the current passion for self photo. Everybody’s happy.