Top 10 Smallest Countries in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, with more than 54 countries occupying an area of ​​30.3 million square kilometers. The country has a number of impressively large countries, but there are also a few tiny states in between. Here you will discover the top 10 smallest countries in Africa.

10. Burundi – 27,830 square kilometers

The small country of Burundi lies between Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda and Tanzania. It is a country with a turbulent history, because over the years there has been a lot of fighting between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes living in Burundi. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country due to the extreme violence. In the past, Burundi was also occupied by Germany and Belgium.

9. Rwanda – 26,798 square kilometers

Just above Burundi lies an even smaller country: Rwanda. While the strife between the Hutus and Tutsis in the neighboring country was bad, it was perhaps even worse in Rwanda. In 1993, an estimated half a million to a million people were murdered in the country. Peace has now returned a bit, allowing more and more people to enjoy the splendor of Rwanda. Mountain gorillas live here and you will find the origin of the Nile in Nyungwe Forest.

8. Djibouti – 23,200 square kilometers

The country of Djibouti is located in the east of Africa, in the area also known as the Horn of Africa. The small country has an ideal location, because it borders on one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. The coastline of Djibouti is located on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. That is why it has traditionally been an important trading state. For example, the ancient Egyptians already traded with the former inhabitants of Djibouti.

7. Swaziland – 17,364 square kilometers

Swaziland is also called Eswatini and is a kingdom located in the south of Africa. It borders South Africa and Mozambique. The country has not one but two capitals. For example, the administrative power of the country is located in Mbabane, while Lobamba is the royal capital of Swaziland. This country also has a rich history, because research shows that it was already inhabited 100,000 years ago.

6. Gambia – 10,380 square kilometers

In the west of Africa you will find a country with a very special shape. The Gambia is relatively small, but 250 kilometers long. At the same time, the country is only a few tens of kilometers wide, making it a long, narrow strip in the African landscape. Part of the country lies on the Atlantic Ocean, while the Gambia is enclosed by Senegal on all other sides.

5. Cape Verde – 4,033 square kilometers

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is considerably smaller than its predecessors on this list. You will not find the country on the mainland of Africa, but in the Atlantic Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of ten islands, all of volcanic origin. The country is located 570 kilometers from Cape Verde, the peninsula from which Cape Verde owes its name.

4. Comoros – 2,235 square kilometers


The Comoros are also a group of islands that together form one state. Most of the inhabitants live on three different islands: Grande Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan. The rest of the country consists of smaller, often uninhabited islands. You will find the Comoros east of the African mainland, where the archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean.

3. Mauritius – 2,040 square kilometers


Mauritius is a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy the tropical atmosphere in the country. In fact, Mauritius is made up of several islands namely Mauritius, Rodrigues, the Agalega Islands and the Cargados Carajos. The capital of the country is Port Louis, which owes its name to the French king Louis XV.

2. Sao Tome and Principe – 964 vierkante kilometers

Sao Tome and Principe

The Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is located west of the African mainland. This is also an archipelago in the Gulf of Guinea. The country is named after the group’s two largest islands: the large Sao Tome and the considerably smaller Principe. The other islands are even smaller, making this country only 964 square kilometers. A total of 187,356 people live in the country, the vast majority of which can be found in the capital.

1. Seychelles – 451 square kilometers


A group of 115 islands make up the country of Seychelles. The country is located north of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. Despite the country’s numerous islands, more than two-thirds are uninhabited. The main and largest island is Mahé, where 90% of the inhabitants live. This island is about the same size as Texel, which shows how small the Seychelles are.