Don’t you know what color dress this summer? Do not hesitate, the nuclear white It is the answer. Dress in white from the feet (ugly shoes in white are the latest trend) up to the head (also the sunglasses have been white this season!), and be right safe. The white dresses highlight your Tan, and they can be combined with all kinds of accessories to change the look completely.

In Zara and Mango they carry throughout the season with looks white total, and of course if you love white you’ll still finding it in sales. For example, this fluid jacket of Zara have it at 39.99 euros.

The shirts and white dresses They are superimposed on skinny white, of course. Dress of Zara with transparencies to 19.99 euros.

If you want to give a new touch to your White summer dress, search with die cuts, Ruffles, beading, neckline in the back or some detail that makes it unique.

  • Dress of Mango with square neckline and detail with lace, for 12,99 EUR.
  • Dress shoulder straps with steering wheel of Mango, for 11.99 euros.
  • Romantic dress with eyelet of Mango, by 27,99 EUR.

Photo | Tuula vintage

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