We have one season than the fabric seafood with trends: There are some that are risky for noses and only suitable for the most professional (and with much imagination along the way). So once the ugly shoes are the footwear of this star season spring-summer 2014 already we can expect anything from the world of fashion. For example a tendency reinvent elsewhere. From there that we’re already a few months seeing as the top crop now are up shirts and t-shirts cotton.

A way of looking this type of tops without the need to show meat, or unwanted parts. And although the result is sometimes okay, the truth is that you must be very aware of how you have been and not disposed to smoothly roll: the danger of that goes wrong is very high.

The gateway sends

The Italian firm Prada joins this trend and thus shows it in its collection spring-summer 2014 where coats and dresses come with built-in top crop.

The origin of everything

Although it is not a new trend, then the fans of the film Clueless you will remember as Cher looked all the time this type of tendency. I said no? Here are a few small examples to refresh memory.

Are you going to fall into the temptation?

Photos | Instagram @jen_agogo, Man Repeller, Style Scrapbook, Look for Pernille

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